Following a visit to Iran by King Qaboos of Oman, the Iranian foreign minister hinted implicitly that relations with the United States were one of the topics of conversation with the Arab monarch.

ISNA reports that Mohammad Javad Zarif was asked on Tuesday August 27 if the U.S. had been a topic of conversation, and he replied: “The United States is one of the topics of discussion when our friends travel to Iran.”

He added: “They might have had conversations with U.S. officials, and this would yield certain discussions.”

Zarif did not, however, go as far as suggesting that King Qaboos was delivering a specific message from U.S. authorities.

A number of media outlets had speculated that the King of Oman was travelling to Iran in the capacity of a mediator between Iran and the U.S.

Iran’s Supreme Leader had said earlier that although he is not optimistic about talks with the United States, he has not prohibited discussions with the U.S. over “specific issues.”