Ali Akbar Salehi

Iran’s Foreign Minister opened the NAM summit in Tehran, saying the United Nations needs to undergo major reform in order to accommodate the “new global developments.”

ISNA reports that Ali Akbar Salehi said: “If we accept that the United Nations is based on multilateralism, this organization must be regarded as an inter-governmental organization led and guided by all its members, which is reflected in the methods of the current assembly.”

He went on to express concern regarding the “increased power of the UN Security Council and the decline in the power and responsibilities of the General Assembly.”

Salehi called for a more democratic security council as a major reform in the United Nations power structure.

Salehi also went on to invite the Non-Aligned Movement member states to take a stance against the unilateral economic sanctions imposed on Iran. stressing that “the Non-Aligned Movement has always condemned such actions.”

The NAM Summit began today in Tehran, with two days allotted to experts and diplomats who have been given documents which are to be signed on Friday by heads of the member states.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the foreign ministers will meet and on the last two days, heads of state are scheduled to join the summit.

The UN Secretary General has also announced that he will attend the NAM meeting in Tehran on August 30 and 31.




[photo from ISNA]