Iran’s intelligence and foreign ministries have lauded the evacuation of Camp Ashraf, the former home of thousands of People’s Mojahedin of Iran Organization members in Iraq.

Iraqi officials completed the removal of all PMOI members from Camp Ashraf on Wednesday September 4.

The Iranian government considers the PMOI a terrorist group and one of its archenemies. The group settled at Camp Ashraf during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, when the Iranian dissident group fought against the Islamic Republic alongside Saddam Hussein.

In a statement, the Iranian foreign ministry said that it had on several occasions warned against “the continued presence of the terrorist members of this group in Camp Ashraf.”

While the majority of the camp residents had been already moved to Camp Liberty, about 100 people still remained in the camp until last month.

On September 1, more than 50 senior members of the group were killed following several explosions in the camp. While the group has accused the Iraqi government of involvement in the incident, government officials dismiss the claims and say they the deaths were caused by “explosions in oil and gas barrels and possible internal clashes.”