Iranian President Hassan Rohani said on Monday December 23 that Iran intends to improve its relations with the U.S. and the countries of Europe.

Reuters reports that in a note attributed to the Iranian president in Zud Deustche Welle, Rohani stressed that he will do everything in his power to resolve the nuclear disputes with the West.

He is quoted as saying that Iran is planning to improve its relations with European and North American countries based on mutual respect.

He adds that they are making every effort “to prevent the creation of new problems” in the already strained Iran-U.S. relations and to “resolve the remaining tensions.”

He adds that Iran cannot forget all that affected Iran-U.S. relations over the past 60 years but he stresses that now the focus must be on the present and the future.

President Rohani emphasized once more that Iran has never tried to build nuclear weapons but added that Iran will never forego its right to exploit nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

He maintained that all reasonable queries about Iran’s nuclear program will get a response.

The Rohani administration is in the process of negotiating with the 5+1 over Iran’s nuclear program. The talks were paused yesterday for the Christmas holidays.

In a recent statement, Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta lauded the opening in diplomatic relations with Iran and said the world must take advantage.