Ayatollah Khamenei

Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, says “consent to go ahead with nuclear negotiations was aimed at breaking the hostile front against Iran”, adding that “these negotiations must go on.”

He stressed that the Iranian negotiators must never “accept to be bullied, and relations with the International Atomic Energy Agency must be kept at the conventional and ordinary level.”

Ayatollah Khamenei was speaking to a group of officials from Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency  marking a “National Day of Nuclear Technology” when he said that Iran’s foreign enemies  were trying to “keep the international atmosphere hostile to Iran”; therefore, Iranian authorities had decided to agree to go ahead with negotiations and relieve the growing “global atmosphere against Iran.”

He stressed that none of the country’s nuclear accomplishments will be shelved, adding that Iran is not after nuclear weapons, as he has stated on several occasions in the past.