Following last week’s warnings by the Iranian Supreme Leader regarding cultural issues, Friday Mass Imams across Iran used their Friday sermons to deliver a united attack against the loosening of supervision by the Ministry of Culture and Guidance.

The Mehr News Agency reports that Ayatollah Mohammali Movahedi Kermani told worshippers on Friday: “We want the ministry of guidance to show serious efforts and avoid any form of negligence of cultural matters. Films and books have to be subjected to close scrutiny so that books that promote perversion do not get publishing permits.”

All Friday Mass Imams delivered similar sermons all across the country, sending a warning to the Minister of Culture and Guidance, Ali Jannati.

Jannati has tried to ease some of the stringent censorship practices of recent years, which have restricted book publishing and filmmaking, as part of the general efforts by the Rohani administration to provide some level of freedom in social activities.

The theme of the sermon given by Friday Mass Imams, who are considered to be representatives of the Supreme Leader, is issued each week by the Policy Council of Imams.