Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the nuclear negotiations with the 5+1 are nearing a successful conclusion.Speaking at a function entitled “Nuclear Diplomacy”, he said the positive tone voiced by all the parties in Vienna is unprecedented in the past decade of negotiations.

He added it is now obvious to everyone that the only way to make any progress in this matter is through negotiation, and nothing else can resolve the nuclear disputes.

Zarif said he has gone through 70 to 80 hours of talks but insisted that the interviews with the parties in Vienna clearly indicate that they are very close to an agreement.

Zarif was quoted as saying: “We were able to change the presumptions of the negotiating parties about the behaviour patterns of the Iranian party… which is of seminal value.”

Last week, the parties in Vienna agreed to extend the talks until July 2015 but all sides expressed optimism regarding the progress of the negotiations.