KIanoosh Ayari’s film Khaneh Pedari (Our Father’s Home), which recently was cleared for public screening after four years, has once again been pulled from cinemas through the intervention of Parliament’s Cultural Commission, which says the film contains “one of most violent sequences in the history of Iranian cinema”.

The Shargh daily reports that the last screening of the film was held on Friday night, December 26, at Cinema Koroush in Tehran.

Iska News reports that the commission has given Ayari 12 days to censor out part of the film so that it can continue to be screened in public.

Fars News reported earlier that according to some critics, the film is “dark and anti-religious.”

The Etemad daily reported that the “violent scene” referred to is where “a young girl is buried alive in her father’s home for committing an error and struggles to no avail to rescue herself.” It goes on to add: “The sequence will offend the heart of any human, any Muslim and any Iranian.”

The film follows the life of a family through six decades after the daughter is buried alive in 1926 for offending the honour of the family, depicting how the shadow of her death hangs over the family, affecting their fates.

Parliament’s Cultural Commission also prevented the screening of I Am Not Angry recently despite the Ministry of Guidance’s green light to the filmmakers. The commission said I Am Not Angry reflected the opposition’s views of the 2009 election protests, and that made it anti-regime.