One day after the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps announced that it had downed an Israeli drone, the IRGC reported that the operation range of the drone indicates that it did not come from Israel but rather was launched from one of the countries in the region.

Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh told reporters that investigations into the downed drone were underway. He added that the drone had been identified by the army and was brought down by the IRGC Air Force missile defence.

On Sunday, the IRGC reported that it had downed an Israeli drone that entered Iranian air space to collect intelligence. The drone was reportedly spotted close to Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The report indicates that the drone is an Israeli-built device called a Hermes with an 800-km range.  The report adds that the device is capable of absorbing radar waves in order to escape detection.

The IRGC website has also posted photos of the downed drone and a short video of the operation on Iran’s Arabic network Al-Alem.

Hermes drones are manufactured by Elbit Systems, which is based in Haifa, and countries such as Azerbaijan, Brazil, Georgia and Britain have bought them.