The suspects detained so far in connection with the acid-throwing assaults on women in Isfahan are not responsible for the crimes, Isfahan Governor Rasoul Zargarpour told the media.

The Shargh daily reported on Tuesday October 28 that according to Zargarpour, investigations have proved that the suspects in custody were not involved in the incidents of acid throwing that have shocked the citizens of Isfahan.

While Parliament was looking into the actions of volunteers who enforce morality and hijab in cities, in recent weeks a number of women in the city of Isfahan were assaulted with acid, sustaining serious burns to their face and arms.

The authorities refuse to link the incidents to the enforcement of hijab and have turned the narrative around, saying the perpetrators were anti-Revolutionaries who are trying to connect these atrocities to hijab.

Meanwhile, the reports on the victims are contradictory. While the Interior Ministry has announced there have been four victims, the head of Security Forces was quoted using the phrase “seven or eight.”

The incidents have triggered demonstrations by people in Isfahan and Tehran calling for swift action against the perpetrators and the return of safe streets for women.