Massoud and Khosro Kordpour attended their second trial on September 16 in a Mahabad Revolutionary Court.

The Mukerian news website reports that the session investigated the charges of “propaganda against the regime” and “insulting the leader.”

The judge ruled that the charge of “publishing falsehoods to disturb public minds” is outside his jurisdiction and further investigations needed to be made around the other charges.

Abbas Jamali, a member of the defence team, told human rights news agencies that he feels the trial process was very positive and he has every hope that the verdict will be fair. Jamali went on to add that the judge was convinced that Kordpour has never insulted any figure.

As for Massoud Kordpour, the court was told that as a teacher and a reporter working in collaboration with Mukerian, he had also worked within the framework of legal regulation and committed no crime and never insulted the leader.

The next trial will be held next month; however, the court did not decide to release either of the two brothers on bail.