A passenger plane crashed soon after takeoff from Mehrabad Airport and there are conflicting reports regarding the number of deaths.

ISNA reports that the 140-passenger Antonov jet used by Sepahan Airlines was flying from Tehran to Tabas. The report adds that heavy smoke was visible kilometres from the scene.

THe ISNA report indicates that 42 passengers were killed in the incident, 34 adults and eight children.

The Fars News Agency reports that there were 50 people on board including two pilots, two flight attendants, two technicians and two security guards. According to Fars, 42 people were killed in the incident.

However, Amin Saberinia has told ISNA that five injured people were transferred to Imam Hospital and the rest were pronounced dead at the scene.

IRNA also reported on the incident, indicating that all the passengers were killed and their bodies are now being transferred to the coroner’s office.