After Basij hardliners organized a gathering for those concerned about the nuclear negotiations, saying the Rohani administration has been overly accommodating of Western demands, President Hassan Rohani spoke in defense of his policies.

Khabaronline reports that Rohani said on Sunday May 14: “What I have gathered about our country is that our interaction with the world is not right.” He added that his administration’s approach is to maintain a constructive attitude toward international relations.

Rohani said: “This government believes that sanctions are a great injustice to the people of Iran and whoever is in favour of sanctions should make their argument.”

On Saturday, a group of Iranian hardliners and several Basij student organizations gathered at the site of the former U.S. embassy in Tehran to denounce the Rohani government’s international approach and to express concern about what they called the government’s “accommodating stance in the nuclear negotiations.”

Meanwhile, the Mehr News Agency reports that parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani has criticized the attacks on the Rohani government and called for support of the negotiating team.