Sadreddin Shariati

Allameh Tabatabai University in Tehran has announced that in the coming academic year, all classes at the undergraduate level will be held separately for male and female students.

University president Sadreddin Shariati added that only 2 percent of the classes are currently offered in the coed format due to the small number of students, but all graduate classes are being offered separately for males and females, and 98 percent of undergraduate classes are single gendered as well.

Shariati also claimed that the separation of males and females in university classes has led to a rise in student averages for both genders.

He stressed that female students have been very supportive of the single-gender classes.

Sadreddin Shariati`s leadership at Tabatabayi University has been questioned by many who claim he has overseen the scrapping of several fields of study, the dismissal and forced retirement of many faculty members, and harsh security measures against student activists.