Maryam Majd

The family of Iranian photojournalist Maryam Majd has expressed concern for her safety after her recent arrest.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran quotes a source close to the Majd family, saying they are seriously concerned for Majd, who is currently being held in Evin Prison.

“When the security forces took her away from her home, they did not offer any explanations,” the report says, adding that no charges have been laid against her so far.

The source says the family was only told: “‘It is nothing. She will return this week. Just go and return next week.’ Then the following week they said come back the next week.”

Majd was arrested on June 21 at her home, where she lives with her parents.

She was arrested the day before she was scheduled to fly to Germany to cover the women’s World Cup of Soccer and to collaborate with German former soccer player Petra Landers on a book about female athletes.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reports that Majd has contacted her family twice since her arrest. In the first telephone conversation, she briefly indicated that she was fine. However, in the second conversation, she reportedly sounded more concerned, telling her family, “Just do something to get me out.”

The Kaleme opposition website has reported that Majd was taken to Ward 2A of Evin Prison, the ward run by the Revolutionary Guards.

Yesterday, German Human Rights Commissioner Markus Loening expressed outrage at Majd’s arrest, calling on Iranian authorities to immediately release the photojournalist.