Tensions between Iran and Azerbaijan over recent events along the border between the two neighbouring countries have led to the closure of some points of entry.

ISNA reports that the Islamic Republic has shut down two border crossings at Bilehsavar and Jolfa, after Azerbaijan closed down the Paldasht-Shahtakhti crossing earlier this week.

An informed Iranian official told ISNA: “The Azerbaijan Republic shut down the Paldasht crossing after an unidentified individual shot at a tractor in the area, which caused no harm but did create problems for Iranian drivers and travellers.”

The report indicates that such an event would usually be resolved through meetings between border officers, but Azerbaijani officials refused to meet and instead shut down the border without any warning.

Iranian authorities claim this is a violation of bilateral agreements.

Iranian officials say that after two days of no response from their Azerbaijani counterparts, Iran responded by closing two of its crossings.