The head of Basij students at Sharif University reports that the governor’s office has refused a permit to stage demonstrations in front of Parliament for critics of the current nuclear negotiations.

Basij student representative Amir Hossein Karimi said that three student groups had applied on Wednesday May 7 for a demonstration permit to express their concerns regarding a “weak nuclear agreement” but on Sunday March 11 they were informed that no permit would be issued.

Critics of the Rohani administration’s approach to the nuclear negotiations are referred to as “Delvapasan” or the concerned, and they have been organizing gatherings to protest the Rohani government’s actions.

Basij representatives have spoken out against the government’s decision not to grant them a permit and, while confirming that the demonstration has been cancelled, they are calling for the government to recognize their right to express their concerns.

The group has staged other demonstrations without a permit without any interference from security forces.