Sixteen prisoners on death row in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan were executed today in response to an attack carried out on Saravan border officials, judiciary officials announced.

Mohammad Marzieh, the prosecutor general of Zahedan, announced that the executions were in reaction to the attack carried out on Friday October 25 in the city of Saravan.

Fourteen border officers were killed and another seven were injured in the attack carried out in Saravan last night.

“These executions were in response to last night’s actions. We had announced earlier that such an attack would have its consequences, and this morning’s executions were one of our responses,” Marzieh said.

He went on to add that the executed people had been on death row and their delayed death sentences were carried out today.

He claimed the individuals were linked to “Jeysh-ol-adl, Ansar and other criminal groups.”

The intelligence ministry has announced that three border officers have been taken hostage by these groups and it has called on Pakistan to take serious steps toward “fighting terrorism in its border control.”