A gas-pipeline explosion has injured 28 soldiers and once again stopped the flow of gas from Iran to Turkey.

ISNA reports that only five days after the pipelines were repaired following an earlier explosion, late on Thursday October 18, another explosion on Turkish soil put a stop to gas imports from Iran.

The report indicates that the explosion, which occurred near Turkey’s eastern border with Iran, injured 28 Turkish soldiers.

Turkish officials say the explosion occurred when military vehicles were moving in the area; however, the cause of the explosion has not yet been confirmed.

The gas pipelines from Iran to Turkey have been targeted with several explosions in recent months.

The last time was about two weeks ago, and it took six days to make repairs and restore the flow of gas from Iran.

The Kurdish militant group in Turkey, PKK, has taken responsibility for a number of pipeline explosions in the past.

Due to the repeated explosions at Iran-Turkey pipelines, Turkey has called on Russia to increase its gas exports to Turkey until repairs have been finished.