Amir Hekmati’s lawyer has announced that his client’s file has been referred for a retrial. Hekmati, who holds dual U.S.- Iranian citizenship, is a former U.S. marine who was arrested during a visit to Iran.

The Etemad daily reported on Wednesday October 8 that Alizadeh Tabatabayi said that he has made submissions to the court from Islamic circles and officials in the United States in defence of Hekmati.

Hekmati was first sentenced to death, but later his sentence was reduced to 10 years in jail, and now an application for a retrial has been referred to the Supreme Court.

Hekmati, who was born in the United States, was arrested in Iran in 2011, charged with espionage and later sentenced to death for his alleged involvement with the CIA.

The U.S. has denied that charge, and Iran’s Supreme Court finally overturned the decision.