Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has emphasized that the West is “the main root of all adversity” for Middle Eastern countries, and he urged the people of the region to resolve their problems without allowing Western intervention.

In an interview with Lebanon’s Hezbollah-affiliated Almenar TV station, Ahmadinejad said the West has a plan in mind for Arab countries and is hoping that what occurred in Libya will also come to pass in Syria.

He went on to urge the government and the people of Syria to resolve their differences, adding that: “All the miseries of the people in the region are perpetuated by the West; the West is working hard to take over the administration of the popular movements that have arisen in the region.”

He went on to explain: “The fact that people in the region are dissatisfied with the present situation is indubitable. Opinion polls reveal that they are dissatisfied with current circumstances, the lack of freedom, justice and the right to determine their fate. Although protests are in effect popular in nature, their management is the determining factor.”

Ahmadinejad added that the U.S. is working hard in the region to preserve and consolidate Israeli government influence in the region.

He emphasized that the Islamic Republic will not abaondon its support of anti-Israeli resistance and added: “Whoever believes in humanity must work for the elimination of the Zionist regime as the symbol of world oppression and discrimination.”

He went on to condemn the UN resolution that gave the green light for foreign military intervention in Libya, adding that diplomatic means should have been used to resolve the situation.

“Even if people are in pursuit of their legal right, they should not allow their protests to be turned toward U.S. and Israeli interests.”